Cynthia is our veteran staff member adopted from the previous doctor and has taken on the role of Office Manager with open arms. Her cheery smile makes even the most nervous patients feel at home. Cynthia's strengths are billing, collections, and scheduling. She has worked for more than 3 doctors and stayed on board when Dr. Broderick took over the practice. Her knowledge of chiropractic is vast and she can answer most of your questions as she is very honest, so don't be shy she is dedicated to making your visit memorable and smooth.



Claudia was born a soft tissue therapist, for her it has been a life long dream to master the art of manual therapy and perform her God given talent on her patients. She is passionate and it's clearly received by anyone who has the opportunity to experience her work. Claudia has years of training she can find adhesions, trigger points, and scar tissue you didn't know were there. She is able to increase extremity joint range of motion and function of associated musculature.  



Stephanie is  brand new to our therapy staff. She hails from Texas and has wonderful technique to release knots, trigger points, or adhesions you may suffer from. She is able to use myofascial release, trigger point release, deep tissue elongation, and can break up scar tissue. Expect to come out of the treatment without the symptoms you initially presented with.